JSM Campaign League

Week 2: Aeslin versus Barbaros

Aeslin wins 9-7

Duer's Library.

The ultimate collection of scientific and arcane knowledge collected in one place within Malifaux.

When the Guild regained control of the city immediately after the Second Breach, the various powers that be thought it wise to collect all the pilfered tomes and grimoires of Neverborn lore into one location. During the first occupation of Malifaux in the First Breach, many treasures were lost to smugglers and treasure hunters. This time, the Guild is adamant to keep such rare, powerful finds behind lock and key. Only the rare few Guild officers and sanctioned spellcasters are allowed to enter and gaze and the scripts.

Aeslin addressed her collect Autumn Knights, "The Traveler was immensely useful. What we desire is in that building. Kill all who stand in our way."

In the shadows of the Library's columns, shapes like massive, pale bats dangled from the top ornimentations. "Mother doesssn't want Old One to walk thisss plane again!" Barbaros hissed to his cadre. "Ssstop the druid at all cossstsss!"

Aeslin after the battle

  • Gains X Scrip
  • Purchase X
  • Gain X
  • Gain X CM

Barbaros after the battle

  • Gains X Scrip
  • Purchase X
  • Complete X
  • Gain X


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