Week 5 Event: They Ride

At the end of the second Turn, one player flips a card which may not be Cheated, reflipping Jokers. If the card is a 6 or higher, place one Horseman in the center of the table (or as close as is possible). Flip at the end of each Turn until a Horseman arrives. At the end of Turn 4, the Rider arrives on a 1 or higher. Consult the card's suit to determine which Horseman:

R: Pale Rider (Crossroads pg. 32)
C: Dead Rider (Crossroads pg. 64)
T: Mechanical Rider (Crossroads pg. 116)
M: Hooded Rider (Crossroads pg. 158)

(Stats can be found in the Week 5 Neutral Models)

The Rider is a Neutral model which Activates immediately after each Leader ends an Activation (up to twice per Turn). At the end of the game, if a player killed or sacrificed the Neutral Horseman, that player earns 6 additional Scrip. The player which did not kill or sacrifice the Neutral Horseman earns 3 additional Scrip if they made at least one successful Attack Action against it.

Week 5 Event: They Ride

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